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At Luxury Living we only use quality materials for our furniture. Meaning all our pieces are luxuriously soft, with the richest, long-lasting colours you can find. Choose from our range of 26 stunning award-winning velvet shades for your next statement piece of family sofa.
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Award-winning velvet

The velvet fabrics have a beautiful depth of colour, are very soft to touch and are extremely hard-wearing. We offer our velvets in 26 stunning shades, from a royal blue to a classic beige we have something for you.

 The velvet exceeds requirements for both domestic and commercial upholstery which means they will last the test of time and are child and pet friendly.



Maintaining our velvets

At Luxury Living we pride ourselves on our award-winning velvet. We source the very best and carefully select materials with durability and resilience in mind. So don’t worry about your velvet sofa fading or wearing away. 

The velvet fabric is extremely soft to touch, making it an ideal material for armchairs and sofas. Made using high-density dual-layered foam you will be able to melt into the luxurious fabric. 

Velvet is ideal for a busy household with kids and pets running around. Knowing you can rely on your sofa to withstand the pressures of everyday life makes it a better investment. Pet hair can also be cleaned easily with a hoover and the velvet fabric will hold up well to the occasional scratch. 

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